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- Where can I buy a Mattioli jewelry?

You can purchase every jewel online or at our Boutique in Rome, located at Via del Babuino, 105 Tel +39 06 6992 1501.

We have over 250 official retailers worldwide. If you want to find the nearest one, please visit our store locator.

If you cannot reach an official retailer, you can buy our jewelry through our online store. For delivery times and shipping information, please check our shipping policy page. Please note that our online store might not be available for some countries outside the European Union.


- Once I have purchased a Mattioli jewel online, how can I track the shipment?

We will send the tracking number and the name of the courier directly to the email address provided during the purchase. You can track your shipment by visiting the courier's website and entering the tracking number in their search engine.


- Can I return or exchange a Mattioli jewel purchased online?

Yes, you have 14 days from the delivery date to return or exchange your jewel. For further information, please visit our return policy page.


- Will I receive the Mattioli jewel purchased online in a gift box?

Yes, all our jewelry sold online will be shipped with dedicated packaging and warranty. Our boxes may vary in colors and materials depending on the collection.


- How can I repair my Mattioli jewel?

Repairs must be handled through the store where you purchased the jewel. We cannot accept damaged jewels that do not come from one of our official retailers. Repair times and costs may vary depending on the type of damage. For more information, please also visit our Warranty page. If you purchased your jewel online through our online store, please contact our customer service at


- Who should I contact for any information before purchasing a Mattioli jewels?

For any information regarding our jewels you can easily get in touch with us through our customer service or through our contact form. Please remember to indicate your name, email, phone number and message.



- Where do your diamonds come from?

We are proud to inform you we are an official member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and we have achieved the RJC Code of Practices Certification, a landmark standard for the jewellery supply chain which addresses a wide range of supply chain issues, including business ethics, human rights, social and environmental performances. In addition, we have also achieved the Chain of Custody certification, which concerns traceability and requires responsible business practices at each step in the jewellery supply chain. This is why we are able to guarantee that each of our diamonds is mined with stringent criteria on responsible sourcing and that none of our diamonds (or gemstones) find their source in a conflict zone.

If you wish to know more about the Responsible Jewellery Council, please visit the official site


- Can I purchase Puzzle mother of pearls separately?

Yes, each mother of pearl from the Puzzle collection can be purchased separately from the gold settings. If you have lost or damaged a single color, you can replace it by purchasing the same individual mother of pearl. You can also order as many additional mother of pearls as you wish to complete the colors of your collection.


- Where can I buy additional colored mother of pearls from the Puzzle collections?

All our mother of pearls can be ordered through one of our official retailers. Visit our store locator to find the nearest retailer where you can purchase your favorite colors. If you wish to buy mother of pearls online, visit the dedicated page here.


- Can I resize a Mattioli ring?

Most of our rings can be easily resized to fit your finger size, with some exceptions like the Puzzle and Tibet collections. This is due to their unique design and technical reasons. We encourage you to visit our size guide to understand how to take measurements properly and purchase the right ring for your finger.

Diameter mm   Diameter inch   EU USA UK
16,2 0,63 51 5 ¾ K1/2
16,5 0,65 52 6 L
16,8 0,66 53 6 ¼ M
17,2 0,67 54 6 ¾ N
17,4 0,68 55 7 ¼ N1/2
17,8  0,69 56 7 ½ O
18,1 0,71 57 8 P


- Can I purchase certain items in a different gold color?

Yes, of course. It is possible to produce each one of our jewels in any gold color. Our historical gold color is a delicate and warm rose gold, but any item can also be produced in white or yellow gold.


- What is the quality of the X-Band diamonds?

Art.  Sizes (EU) Sizes (US) Carats per stone Total Carats Colour and clarity
MAN000B017S* S (50,5 -54) S (5 ½ - 6 ¾) 0,025 0,71 GH - Sl1
MAN000B017* M (53,5 -57) M (6 ¾ - 8) 0,025 0,75 GH - Sl2
MAN000B017L* L (56,5 -60) L (7 ¾ - 9 ¼ ) 0,025 0,79 GH - Sl3
MAN000B023S* S (50,5 -54) S (5 ½ - 6 ¾) 0,045 1,22 GH - Sl1
MAN000B023* M (52,5 -56) M (6 ¾ - 7 ½) 0,045 1,27 GH - Sl2
MAN000B023L* L (54,5 - 58) L (7 - 8 ½ ) 0,045 1,32 GH - Sl3
MAN000B028S* S (51 - 54,5) S (5 ½ - 7) 0,080 1,91 GH - Sl1
MAN000B028* M (54 - 57,5) M (7  - 8 ¼ ) 0,080 2,00 GH - Sl2
MAN000B028L* L (57 - 60,5) L (8 - 9 ¼ ) 0,080 2,09 GH - Sl3
MAN000B034FS S (50,5 - 54) S (5 ½ - 6 ¾) 0,150 3,00 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B034F M (53,5 - 57) M (6 ¾ - 8) 0,150 3,15 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B034FL L (56,5 - 60) L (7 ¾ - 9 ¼ ) 0,150 3,30 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B036FS S (50,5 - 54) S (5 ½ - 6 ¾) 0,180 3,51 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B036F M (53,5 - 57) M (6 ¾ - 8) 0,180 3,68 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B036FL L (56,5 - 60) L (7 ¾ - 9 ¼ ) 0,180 3,88 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B039FS S (50,5 - 54) S (5 ½ - 6 ¾) 0,230 4,17 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B039F M (53,5 - 57) M (6 ¾ - 8) 0,230 4,40 DEF - Sl1
MAN000B039FL L (57 - 61) L (8 - 9 ½) 0,230 4,63 DEF - Sl1


- How can I take measurements for a Mattioli ring?

Our rings are well know for their unique and contemporary design. The wearability of a ring can change depending on its design, so we encourage you to go through our size guide recommendations to find the perfect ring that will match your finger size. To ensure you get the most accurate ring size, measure your finger at room temperature.

Measuring while your hands are cold will result in a size too small as your fingers can be up to half a size smaller at this time. When looking for rings with a wider band, it may be necessary to get a size larger than your usual size as they can feel a little snugger than the traditional eternity ring. Your perfect ring should fit comfortably, feeling tight enough that it won’t fall off and is still able to fit over the knuckle when you take it off.


- What dimensions Puzzle mother of pearls have?


- Do you have other questions?

You can contact us through our channels. We will reply as soon as possible!