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Licia Mattioli is the passionate soul and the inexhaustible source of energy behind the original and distinctive collections of the brand. She thinks of « Mattioli women » as dynamic and sophisticated yet feminine, actresses of their time and interpreters of the contemporary spirit. She imagines creations as an extension of their attitudes and personalities. Through colorful, joyful and impeccably executed creations conveying the famous Italian lifestyle, Licia Mattioli tells the story of her travels, of art that inspires her, and of unique moments in her life. From the best seller Puzzle, Siriana and Yin Yang collections, to regular new introductions, to masterpieces, each piece of jewelry is unique and eclectic, a daily and travel companion and an irreplaceable signature of Italian elegance.


Mattioli continues investing in its own state—of—the—art factory where it has complete control over the entire product cycle, from the selection of semi—precious and precious stones sourcing, to the melting of the ingot, to the most up—to—date techniques relying on the talent of over 100 expert master jewelers, to the finished pieces, guaranteeing outstanding quality, environmentally—harmonious jewelry and the exclusivity of all the models created.


Mattioli pays particular attention to relationships with its stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, partners and institutions. This translates into the adoption of a comprehensive business policy that matches economic, social and environmental objectives with a view to future sustainability. At Mattioli we promote the values of inclusion, equality and diversity, in compliance with the highest standards of ethical behaviour.


Our commitment to conducting a responsible business model extends to the entire production chain: Mattioli is a certified member of the Responsible Jewelery Council, which means that our entire value chain is managed responsibly. In 2017 Mattioli has obtained Chain of Custody (CoC) certification for the entire gold supply chain. The certification has been renewed regularly and is currently valid. It ensures the adoption of responsible mining and processing procedures throughout the production chain as well as the commitment to guaranteeing the traceability of the gold.


Mattioli chooses its suppliers with particular attention and adheres to the Kimberly process, preventing the diamonds used in our manufacturing are sourced from countries that finances conflicts. A supplier statement of warranty is required on all invoices concerning diamonds received by Mattioli.


Mattioli has earned key certifications and accreditations, as a result of its continuous search in setting the highest standards.
To consult the corporate policy for quality, environment, ethics, and social responsibility, click here.
The 2024 reporting can be consulted here.

You can visit Mattioli S.p.A. Whistleblowing Portal here

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard provides specific requirements for a quality management system and best in class processes.

SA 8000

The SA 8000 international standard is a management model focused on social accountability in the workplace.

ISO 14001

The ISO 14001 standard provides a management structure for the integration of effective environmental management practices.


Mattioli is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. The membership is based on the Code of Practices (COP) standard. The COP establishes responsible practices for corporate ethics, human rights, the social sphere and environmental issues.


The RJC - Chain of Custody (CoC), certifies and defines the requirements for the implementation of a responsible chain of custody for precious metal traceability.


The AEO certificate represents a certified condition of the subject on its situation of reliability in relation to the customs authorities, guaranteeing strict compliance with customs regulations and product safety.